Kepley BioSystems Files Accelerated Patent for Novel Personal Protection Air Sterilization Device

Kepley BioSystems has completed patent work surrounding the technology for a novel air sterilization mask, as well as for controlled spaces to directly eliminate airborne viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. The pro se patent has been submitted with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under a COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program established to expedite the review process and accelerate development of solutions to address the global pandemic.

The individual embodiment of this patent-pending invention is a full-face mask connected to a series of multifaceted, antipathogenic pathways. The portable device allows for safe and relaxed air flow to sterilize inhaled and exhaled air as needed with maximum mobility, whether traveling in confined cabins, cars or other conveyances - or in chronic and acute medical settings, manufacturing, shipping, and food preparation/packaging spaces. Additional embodiments could also be applied to shared, enclosed spaces, such as aircraft, operating rooms, and auditoriums.

The lead inventor, Terry Brady explained, “Front-line workers need protection from airborne microbes, especially in this dangerous period that demands innovation.”

Dr. Anthony Dellinger, president of Kepley BioSystems, stated further, “We’re committed to assembling a diverse team of executives, scientists and engineers through collaboration with government and independent enterprise to commercialize this technology.”

The patent is entitled, “Self-Contained, Mobile Breathing Apparatus or Appliance that Supplies Pathogen and Endotoxin Free, Rhythmically Breathable Air to the Wearer or Treated Space through Active, Continuous Bio-Deactivation of Bacteria, Fungi, Viral and Allergenic/antigenic Matter Safely When Using Benign, Household, Rechargeable Filtration Media” (U.S. Patent No. 16/897,655)

Kepley is seeking to form a consortium of public health officials and commercial partners to develop the innovation for widespread practical application.

The Kepley self-contained mobile breathing apparatus allows for personally sterilized air to minimize risk of pathogenic exposure in public spaces.

The Kepley mobile breathing device can help protect front-line workers and patients in clinical settings.

Additional embodiments under development include an integrated safety helmet and face mask with built-in device and a modular version as solutions for an array of work environments.