“The Solution for Dawdling Dog” Now Available on Amazon

Kepley BioSystems is excited to announce that Kepley K9® Strategic Scent Stimulant is now available through Amazon.

Whether late for work or class, or during inclement weather, most dog owners have experienced endless "sniffing" and searching before their dogs "go" when let outside or taken for a walk. Some have also known the worry of leaving their pet inside for the day after running out of time.

A drop of Kepley K9 Strategic Scent stimulant applied to the dog's paw when going outside provides the organic and botanical scents dogs seek before defecation. In field testing, 3 out of 4 handlers observed faster, more predictable results with routine use. These preliminary studies were published in an article entitled, "Olfactory Mediation of Canine Gastrointestinal Neurobiology" (Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Science).

These specific molecules are increasingly rare in modern environments and virtually absent indoors, so Kepley K9 scents can help satisfy the dog's "sniff-search" to stimulate excretion.

"Focusing your dog right away can mean more time for playing or exercise for you and your pet, as well as reduce the risk of having to be left indoors without 'going,'" said Kepley president Anthony Dellinger, "but we're especially excited to work with the dogs at the SPCA of the Triad shelter, as the transition to a new home can require a dramatic adjustment from the kennel for any rescue."

Kepley K9® Strategic Scent Stimulant now available at Amazon.

Conducting behavioral assessment of Monty, a rescue available for adoption at the SPCA of the Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

By providing familiar "outdoor" scents when allowing access to an appropriate location, dogs can more confidently distinguish going outside from "indoor" space. Clearly communicating expectations can increase the rate of successful adoptions with fewer "accidents" that can result in rescues being relinquished back to shelters.

"We want every adoption to be a celebration for the dog and new family," said Kimberly White of the SPCA of the Triad. "We know that dogs 'search' for specific scents when they need to go, and we're eager to see how this product can help our new owners and their dogs."

Kepley BioSystems is committed to helping ensure more "forever homes" and will match every purchase with a product donation to help newly adopted rescues. Visit: Amazon and search "Kepley K9" for immediate purchase; visit: www.kepleyk9.com for more information.