Kepley to Launch “The Solution for Dawdling Dog” at World Dog Expo

Kepley BioSystems Inc. will begin selling Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant at the World Dog Expo at the Meadowlands Exhibition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, June 1-2, 2019. The product will be featured from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Booth 1307, in addition to going live on Indiegogo with crowdfunding for shelter donations with every purchase. This is the third year for the Expo, with an expected attendance of up to 20,000 at this venue.

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant has been formulated based on research of olfactory behavioral drivers across species. With major grant funding by the National Science Foundation, the start-up developed an alternative, synthetic crustacean bait by studying the attractants emitted by various types of fish comprising a $20 billion bait market. As discussed in a newly published article, “Olfactory Mediation of Canine Gastrointestinal Neurobiology,” the team subsequently hypothesized and confirmed aromatic corollaries in the canine behavior of “sniffing and searching” on a typical dog walk, often in urban environments where such molecules are increasingly scarce.

In short, the product provides a plume of naturally occurring organics that stimulate canine defecation. Early testing has shown it can help dogs find the specific molecules they seek – faster – and thus, help focus even distracted dogs when “sniffing” before they “go” upon accessing the outdoors from indoor spaces.

“We’ve come a long way from lobsters to Labradors,” said co-founder, Professor Chris Kepley. “But helping busy people spend more time enjoying their dogs – and helping orient rescues to their new routines – are exciting applications of our olfactory knowhow right now.” 

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant. The Solution for the Dawdling Dog.

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant is easily applied before starting a walk.

Kristen Dellinger, a Kepley team member said, “Our dog used to be a ‘dawdling dog’ that made us feel guilty all day at work if his walk didn’t have the desired outcome; but after months of daily use in the field trial, he knows exactly when it’s time to go out, comes back immediately, and he’s a much calmer and confident dog than before we started using it.”

To learn more about Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant, visit Booth 1307 at the World Dog Expo on June 1-2, 2019, at the Meadowlands Exhibition Center (, or visit:  Interested dog owners are also invited to pre-register for product purchase and donations to facilitate adoptions by acclimating shelter dogs to help ensure forever homes (

About World Dog Expo:

Organized by Barkleigh Productions (Mechanicsburg, PA), this weekend spectacular event will celebrate dogs everywhere in a large–scale, cutting edge multimedia format. With multiple stages, attendees will enjoy events and provide opportunities for the dog and owner to participate together in sports, education, training and other bonding experiences. Also, the show will work to promote dog rescue, fostering and adoption. A main attraction of the World Dog Expo will be the notable trade show event, featuring a huge array of dog–centered products. Attendees will be able to find the newest and best products for their canine companions. Participating vendors will benefit from the unprecedented exposure created for the event. (