Kepley K9 Crowdfunding for Shelter Dogs

Following extensive olfaction research across species, Kepley BioSystems is preparing to market Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant. The launch will kick off with crowdfunding for product donations to facilitate shelter dog adoptions.

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant provides the organic amines that stimulate final canine peristalsis when dogs "sniff" to complete the purpose of most "walks" for the family dog. Early testing has shown it can help dogs find the specific molecules they seek – faster – and thus, help focus even distracted dogs when "sniffing" before they "go" on their daily walks.

The Kepley team believes this patent-pending product can also play a vital role in orienting adopted dogs to their new human families. That is, the solution provides a plume of distinctly "outdoor" scents when allowing access to an appropriate location for the dog to confidently distinguish going outside from "indoor" space. Being able to clearly communicate expectations to a new canine family member could increase the rate of successful adoptions with fewer "accidents" that too often result in dogs being relinquished back to shelters.

"A journey of a million rescues can begin with these donations," said Kepley president, Anthony Dellinger. "By sharpening the contrast between being 'outside' and indoor spaces that could seem a bit like the kennel to a rescue, we hope to help ensure more forever homes." 

Lee Robertson, director of scientific communications, observed, "By crowdfunding these donations, we can not only introduce Kepley K9™ to people who want to spend less time wandering around and more time enjoying their dog – but also help adopted rescues adapt to their new routines." 

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant. The Solution for the Dawdling Dog.

Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant is easily applied before starting a walk.

The crowdfunding program will enable contributors to donate 1 bottle of Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant with each bottle they buy for their own dog. And, for everyone who pre-registers and purchases, the company will donate 2 bottles to help adopted dogs adjust to their new homes even faster – while seeing how it can save time and reduce anxiety, especially for dogs that often appear frustrated with extended sniffing and searching. 

To pre-register for a 2:1 donation with each purchase: Please visit today (For direct access, go to: Kepley K9™ Strategic Scent Stimulant can ensure more quality time with your dog as well as forever homes for rescues with every bottle!