Kepley BioSystems Announces New Role to Support Upcoming Product Launch

Kepley BioSystems Incorporated (KBI) has established the position of Director of Scientific Communications and Operations in preparation for the release of a novel entry into the companion animal sector. This new role represents an exciting assignment for Lee Robertson, who has assisted in KBI product research and development in emerging technologies while applying his design and multi-media talents to develop the corporate image and website. His skills will be pivotal for introducing a new product based on Kepley molecular research into olfactory behavioral drivers for various species.

Lee Robertson with Auri, his 2-year old Siberian Husky.

“We are all excited that Lee took on these new responsibilities in advance of our upcoming launch,” Anthony Dellinger, president of KBI said and continued, “He brings a wealth of experience, marketing savvy and creativity to this new role.”

Robertson has worked as a research scientist/technician since starting with Chris Kepley at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) in 2014. He has built on dual degrees in applied nanoscience technology and the humanities, as well as becoming certified in design software, resulting in exceptional scientific communications abilities. His organizational, commercial operations, IT and sales experience also evolved earlier in his career with Walmart and Sam’s Club, spanning nearly 16 years of electronics sales, inventory management and supervisory roles. Ultimately, Robertson led his team to be one of the top 50 performing Technology Departments in the company (out of more than 550 Sam’s Club stores).

Earning sales awards in three consecutive years – combined with his entrepreneurship on behalf of design clients of his off-hours graphic arts studio – no doubt enhanced the marketing expertise that Robertson looks forward to applying to support the first commercialized product for Kepley BioSystems. In this new position, Robertson will: take the lead as the primary media contact; continue to shape the corporate identity and online presence; and direct an array of operations processes, as the start-up continues to develop its team.

Kepley, KBI founder and a JSNN professor, looked back to welcoming Robertson to the world of nanoscience, "It was a very challenging and demanding program and Lee was not only able to succeed, but thrive in this environment. We are very lucky to have him."