Industrial Designer Joins Kepley BioSystems Advisory Board

Kepley Biosystems is pleased to announce that Robert (Bob) Barry joined the Advisory Board, bringing a wealth of strategic industrial design expertise to the biotech start-up. Barry’s talents will be vital to Kepley in bringing tech solutions to consumer markets, as elegant, thoughtful design work is generally outside the skill sets of chemists and biologists. This new relationship has evolved and flourished due to a common interest in companion animal product innovation and technology, already yielding two newly filed provisional patents (Application Number: 62/802,432† and 62/823,443‡). 

Barry using OnShape software to refine a Kepley BioSystems manufacturing module design.

With nearly 25 years of developing medical products for Fortune 500 companies, as well as industrial, military and consumer products, Barry has logged over 50,000 hours on SolidWorks, OnShape and MasterCam, 3D Design CAD Software. This experience is complemented by unmatched, hands-on knowledge and proficiency of jurisdictions prototyping and manufacturing processes for product development.

In fact, Barry has played a key role in the successful development of over 100 products in the marketplace today, with a primary focus on medical devices. He is the inventor/co-inventor on numerous patents spanning: mechanical design, assembly and manufacturing for military, industrial, commercial, consumer, and medical product development. Additionally, Barry is expert in Quality Systems Management (13485-2016 and FDA Regulations for design controls CFR 820.30). He specializes in human factors, 3D printing technologies, injection molding, tooling, sheet metal forming, stamping, double-shot molding, molded plastics, polymers, co-polymers, extrusions, rubber, and die casting.

Barry’s connection to Kepley has a somewhat storied past, as Terry E. Brady, now chief inventor at Kepley, engaged John E. Studer, Jr. while Brady was the co-founder of W.T. Associates. Studer is a prolific design maven, who gained industry notoriety for designing the Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals oral contraceptives DialPak®. Studer also developed the initial, streamlined and ergonomic drawings for two of Brady’s products: Surgicutt® - Bleeding Time Device, and Tenderfoot® - Heel Incision Device, both of which have enjoyed over thirty years of market dominance without reengineering. Thereafter, Barry worked alongside Studer for many years, including refining further innovations with Brady when the latter was president of Array Medical.  

Brady reconnected with Barry and was instrumental in advancing this new relationship.  Brady remarked, “I am unfortunately an inventor without a number 2 pencil, and Bob’s influence will improve everything we do at Kepley! We are indeed lucky to have him join our efforts.” 

Anthony Dellinger, president of Kepley BioSystems added, “Working with Bob is an education, in that he consistently exceeds our best thinking for functionality and ease of use, no matter what great ideas we think we have envisioned!”

Surgicutt® and Tenderfoot® are now registered trademarks of Accriva Diagnostics, Inc. | 6260 Sequence Drive | San Diego, CA 92121 USA.

 “A Sensory and Nutritional Stimulate for Enhancing Feed Acceptance in Animals.” Kepley BioSystems, Inc. Provisional Application No. 62/802,432.

“A Companion Animal Directed and Mediated Device that Relieves Anxiety, Stress and Fearfulness via a Pressure-Applying and Enclosing Sanctuary.” Kepley BioSystems, Inc. Provisional Application No. 62/823,443.

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