Kepley BioSystems presents at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

Dr. Anthony Dellinger presented to the symposium as one of the invited speakers. His presentation discussed the role that the horseshoe crab plays in the human health and in the biomedical industry, as well as the recent impacts that are being seen on their viability.

This year marked the 148th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society (AFS), held in Atlantic City, New Jersey from August 19 through the 23rd. Kepley BioSystems (KBI) was in attendance for the horseshoe crab symposium and was represented by company president Dr. Anthony Dellinger, and research technician, Jordan Gannon.

Jordan Gannon, current undergraduate and once National Science Foundation sponsored intern later hired as a research technician, recently authored the KBI review article "The Role of Horseshoe Crabs in the Biomedical Industry and Recent Trends Impacting Species Sustainability" and was on-site to present and discuss her publication at the Student Poster Session on Monday night. Her poster entitled "Free-Range Horseshoe Crab Aquaculture to Improve Blood Harvest", discussed the critical roll the Atlantic horseshoe crab plays in human human health and presents novel methods of horseshoe crab husbandry to decrease the stress factors the animal endures during bleeding.

This year, the AFS hosted a symposium uniquely focused on the American horseshoe crab called "Spirit in the Night: Throwing Light on Our Many Connections to the American Horseshoe Crab". This symposium invited diverse speakers with a range of social, economic, ecological connections to the horseshoe crab. A total of 15 speakers in areas of ecology, fishery management, socio-economics, biomedical, and environmental education presented at the AFS symposium. Additional information on these professionals can be found at these links:


Mark Botton
Fordham University

Patrick Norby
University of Florida

Joseph Smith
Niles & Smith Conservation Services

Sarah Karpanty
Virginia Tech

Gary Kreamer
Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Molly Ashur
University of Delaware

Jo-Marie Kasinak
Sacred Heart University

Christopher Chabot
Plymouth State University

Justin Bopp
Stony Brook University

Sunny Jardine
University of Washington

Daphne Munroe
Rutgers University

Winsor Watson III
University of New Hampshire

Thomas J. Novitsky
Horseshoe Crab Conservation Association (Cape Cod)

John Sweka
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Glenn Gauvry
Ecological Research & Development Group Inc


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