Kepley BioSystems Invited to Represent NC at Capitol Hill Small Business Showcase

Kepley BioSystems (KBI) is one of only 11 companies from across the US invited to America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Client Showcase in Washington DC on February 13, 2018. Nominated by the Triad Service Center of the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), KBI will represent North Carolina with the opportunity to showcase disruptive innovations and global solutions poised to compete in multi-billion dollar markets with answers to urgent social and environmental challenges.  

KBI founders Anthony Dellinger and Christopher Kepley will be on site at this reception to be attended by Congressional representatives and senators. They will present KBI patent-pending marine technologies that address an array of challenges with global impact, share the company’s vision for interventional ecology, and discuss the growth that a partnership with the SBDC networks can foster.

SBDC Networks provide free, personalized consulting to small businesses throughout the US, directly resulting in job and revenue growth. In 2014, Anthony Dellinger, president of Kepley BioSystems, approached the Triad Service Center of the SBTDC seeking their expertise to successfully assist with an SBIR proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF). KBI has subsequently participated in other SBTDC programs in North Carolina to accelerate the company’s progress, including intellectual property protection.  Now seeking investment capital to continue product optimization and begin commercialization, KBI hopes to access future resources from the SBTDC.

“Working with the professionals in the SBDC network has been amazing,” says Dellinger. “I would highly recommend that any entrepreneur or small business owner reach out to their local SBDC consultant for their expertise and assistance.”

“What SBDCs do, their impact and value to aspiring and growing businesses, is best told through their clients’ success,” said Charles Rowe, president, and CEO of America's SBDC. “SBDC clients not only have revolutionary products and services, they are hardworking, dedicated, and a group we couldn’t be more proud of. We only wish we could feature all [of the] tens of thousands of businesses we help every year.”

The America’s SBDC Showcase on Capitol Hill will be held at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC on February 13, 2018.

The America’s SBDC Client Showcase and Reception will be held Tuesday, February 13 in the Rayburn Office Building, Room 2068 (the Rayburn Cafeteria).

America’s SBDC Client Showcase celebrates the spirit of the American Small Business
(Image of the 2017 SBDC Client Showcase courtesy of America’s SBDC and David Keith Photography).

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