Terry Brady and Patrick Webster

Research Vessel Unscathed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the British Caribbean

Kepley BioSystems (KBI), Greensboro, NC, September 20, 2017: The KBI research vessel berthed in Island Harbour, Anguilla, endured the impact of previously unparalleled Hurricane Irma on September 5/6, 2017, and then a second lashing by Hurricane Maria on September 19/20, unscathed. KBI Chief Inventor, Mr. Terry E. Brady, was also on the island during both storms in which one person perished in the passage of Irma and as all eyes and prayers remain focused on those in Maria’s path.  Brady was joined by Mr. Patrick Webster, a renowned Island Harbour fisherman and the primary pilot for the vessel, to inspect the boat between the two storms (photo).

Before they reached the boat, Brady asked Webster, “You think she’s still on those blocks after that Cat 5?”

Webster shot back: “That was no 5. She was an 8! And, yes, that boat didn’t move all night.”

“How are you so sure?” Brady pressed.

Kepley BioSystems Chief Inventer, Terry Brady (right), poses in front of the KBI Research Vessel with renowned Island Harbour fisherman, Patrick Webster (left) after enduring dual major hurricanes in Anguilla, British West Indies.

I put her up there. That’s how,” Webster didn’t hesitate. That confidence developed with exceptional experience over the years, including the 840 lb. Blue Marlin he caught in his own 26’ open fishing boat and his consistent supply of fresh Mahi Mahi, lobster and local snapper to Anguilla’s finest tourism establishments.

Shortly after Irma’s winds eased, Webster began giving away over 2,000 pounds of fish he had stocked from local waters prior to the arrival of Irma. “Pat’s generosity in the face of such a devastating storm is characteristic of Anguillian fortitude and character,” Brady explained.

While traversing the island to confirm the status of the boat on its blocks, Brady saw many of the challenges facing Anguilla firsthand. “We were so relieved to see the grocery store open and the trash picked up within a few days, while countless, hanging wires were being repaired and cleared from the roads, especially near the hospital and government services areas,” he continued. “We also thought all the cellphones were down or mostly down until we learned service was actually up almost immediately with one provider or the other in different areas.”  Local reports also shared with KBI included the rapid restoration of operations and the roof repairs to the Royal Anguillian Police Station.  

In a radio broadcast, the recently installed Governor of Anguilla, His Excellency, Mr. Tim Foy, reiterated the suggestion made by Attorney General, John McKendrick, QC, in the House of Assembly. Both remarked that the best way for anyone wishing to help the island rebound after the storm season would be to “book your next holiday to Anguilla.” Hopefully, soon, many visitors will also venture into Island Harbour for a leisurely lunch or dinner and have the opportunity to meet the intrepid fisherman, Patrick Webster. 

One more reason for such a vacation is the unexpected restoration of the beach on Upper Shoal Bay during Hurricane Irma. The dazzling white expanse is larger than ever, and it extends from Serenity Cottages and continues around the point to Shoal Bay Villas, The Manoah and all the way to Zemi Beach House resort at the westernmost end of Shoal Bay East.