Celebrate World Oceans Day, June 8 2017

This week, millions of people from across our blue planet will celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. With the theme this year, “Our Oceans, Our Future,” organizations and individuals in over 100 countries around the world will focus on the prevention of plastic ocean pollution through events in their communities, special announcements and everything in between.

Coordinated and promoted internationally by The Ocean Project since 2002, World Oceans Day is an annual celebration on June 8 as well as a call for ocean conservation action throughout the year. The United Nations officially recognized World Oceans Day when its General Assembly passed a resolution in late 2008. This unique celebration of our world ocean brings together organizations and key individuals from aquariums, museums, youth groups, schools and universities, businesses, and others, including divers, surfers, sailors, communities of faith, artists, the maritime, recreational and tourism industries, governments, and more. For more information, or find an event, visit:


Kepley BioSystems is proud to celebrate World Oceans Day and remain steadfastly dedicated to our efforts to develop effective ocean-restorative technologies that benefit both industry and the eco-system.  Our initial endeavor, the National Science Foundation sponsored synthetic crustacean bait alternative branded as OrganoBaitTM, leads our mission of responsible oceanic stewardship.  OrganoBait has the potential to reduce our overuse of forage fish, a keystone species crucial to the health of the marine food-chain while provided an available source of bait for crustacean fishers.

Read more about the how important forage fish are to overall oceanic health here.