Kepley BioSystems Designates Research Vessel for Research into Blue Ocean Technologies

Life sciences start-up, Kepley BioSystems Inc. recently took the next step in its blue ocean technologies development efforts. A boat belonging to lead inventor and long-time resident of the island of Anguilla, Terry Brady, was designated as the first official Kepley BioSystems Research Vessel. The ceremony took place on a majestic beach in picturesque Anguilla, British West Indies, and began with welcoming remarks by Professor Delroy Louden, President of the Anguilla Community College.

Her Excellency, Governor Christina Scott, then shared her insights, followed by a formal blessing of Brady’s boat as a research vessel by the Right Reverend Leroy Errol Brooks, OBE, Bishop of the Diocese of the Eastern Caribbean and Aruba. Also in attendance were members of the government, academia, clergy, media [including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)], and many Anguillan residents.

Conceived by Brady and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Kepley BioSystems has developed a synthetic crab and lobster bait to avert the consumption of billions of pounds of wild fish used in commercial traps to catch crustaceans. The patent-pending product, branded OrganoBaitTM, is poised to disrupt global baiting practices by providing increased convenience and consistent availability to fishermen, while reducing the ecological risks of wild (“forage”) fish population collapse.

Kepley BioSystems will use the boat to study OrganoBait and prospective product lines based on its patent-pending work to synthetically produce the same molecules that attract crustaceans when wild fish are used as bait. To assess possible efficacy with other species, initial investigations will replace the bait fish used to trap grouper and red snapper. Another protocol will evaluate OrganoBait as a replacement for chum, typically thrown near fishing vessels to attract fish; this application would explore the potential for herding sharks away from highly populated areas while replacing wild fish “wasted” to attract others.

For Kepley BioSystems and the newly designated research vessel, OrganoBait is a just the first step into new avenues for product research and patent development.

KBI Research Vessel

Bateau Godot, the newly designated Kepley BioSystems Research Vessel, is christened at the Lloyd's Pier in Anguilla, British West Indies.

Her Excellency, Governor Christina Scott speaks about the Research Vessel

Her Excellency, Governor Christina Scott was on-hand to make a few comments.

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