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Scientific American Publishes Article "A Stinky Artificial Bait Could Protect Millions of Tiny Fish"

Kepley BioSystems Inc is proud to be covered in the latest article by Scientific American, "A Stinky Artificial Bait Could Protect Millions of Tiny Fish" by Roxanne Khamsi.  The article explores our impetus to develop OrganoBait to relieve the pressure currently experienced by forage fish used as bait.  The in-depth article speaks to industry professionals as well as some of our own field testers.  You can read more about OrganoBait and the strain on forage fish on the Scientific American website located here.

About Scientific American:

Starting in 1845, Scientific American is one of the most esteemed and certainly the longest published scientific magazines in the United States.  Consistently abreast of new and developing breakthroughs, Scientific American has earned its place as the award-winning authoritative source for the science discoveries and technological innovations.

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