Meet our latest team member, Jordan!

High Point University student receives valuable experience at Kepley BioSystems through NSF Program

Kepley BioSystems, Greensboro, NC, announces that Jordan Krisfalusi-Gannon, a biology major from High Point University joins the research team for her summer internship sponsored by NSF. Kepley BioSystems Inc. (KBI) is a company dedicated to developing a sustainable synthetic crustacean bait. As a recipient of a coveted Phase II NSF Small Business Innovation Research Grant, KBI has been selected as a site for the NSF’s student-driven Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. The program attracts highly motivated college students and awards internship with NSF supported companies to provide meaningful research experiences, encourage science-focused careers, and teach how to bring an innovation to market.

Through the NSF sponsored REU program, Jordan will spend her summer in the KBI facility located in the Gateway University Research Park. The Gateway complex provides world-class science laboratories and office space to businesses, universities and the local community. She will aid the research of the foundational chemical attractants used to create KBI’s synthetic bait, known as OrganoBait™. Her scholastic interest includes using scientific knowhow for the betterment of ecologically minded enterprise and industry. These goals match KBI's objective to reduce overfishing of wild fish and deliver innovative synthetic bait for crab and lobster trapping.

“This opportunity will allow me to contribute to an emerging, high-tech life science company,” says Jordan. “I will gain research experience in the fields of ecology, biology and analytical chemistry. I'm learning by using numerous, molecular level analytical instruments and guided by experienced, inventive chemist. This is a dream internship envisioned by the NSF student program that will provide real world work experience for everlasting skill and knowhow".

"We're thrilled to have Jordan join us this summer as she is already a knowledgeable student doubtlessly attributable to the scholastic standards of High Point University and Jordan's academic goals. Hopefully, other deserving students might learn about these programs through the NSF", says KBI’s president, Dr. Anthony Dellinger. "We are extremely fortunate to have such bright, motivated student scholars such as Jordan with us this summer.”

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