Kepley BioSystems invited to attend Hello Tomorrow Start-Up Challenge Global Summit

Kepley BioSystems Incorporated selected to attend 2016 Hello Tomorrow Start-Up Challenge

Kepley BioSystems announced today that their team has been selected as a Top 500 Startup for the 2016 Hello Tomorrow Challenge. Hello Tomorrow is the world’s leading nonprofit aiming to accelerate science and technology entrepreneurship. Their mission is to catalyze the intersection of top researchers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and financiers to build the next generation of companies that can help solve humanity’s biggest challenges. The Top 500 Global startups are invited to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris, France to interact with sector-specific investors, top executives and fellow founders. Kepley BioSystems ranked in the top ten Food and Agriculture startups in North and Central America.

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is the world’s biggest early-stage startup competition for science and deep technology startups. Each year, the most meritorious projects of the Challenge are selected to attend the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris, an invitation-only event bringing together people using science and technology to change the world with top investors in each sector, industrial leaders (Airbus, Google[x], IBM, Roche, Air Liquide, Cisco, etc.), international media (Bloomberg, BBC, Wired, etc.) and influencers.

Kepley BioSystems has invented a patent-pending, disruptive synthetic bait with the potential to eliminate the use of forage fish to attract and trap lobster and crab for use in the crustacean fishing industry. The industry currently spends $20 billion annually in the global capture and utilization of 40 billion pounds of forage fish. This synthetic product, OrganoBait™, mimics the attractant properties of forage fish, without the use of fish or any animal byproduct. Organobait™ is sustainable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, reliably available, and less expensive comparted to traditional forage fish. Regulators and environmentalists will also have compelling reasons to support this product for it’s potential to help avert ocean ecosystem collapse from overfishing, especially using drift-net practices.

About Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is a non-profit organization founded in 2011. It aims to bridge the gap between science entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations in all major scientific and technological fields. Today, it is a global, interdisciplinary community with presence across 45 countries, gathering more than 15,000 innovators within the Hello Tomorrow ecosystem. The Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a global startup competition, has attracted nearly 5,000 startups across 112 countries since its inception in 2014. To date, €65 million has been raised by Hello Tomorrow’s finalists.

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