Kepley Biosystems Inc Receives NSF Phase II Grant

On behalf of our entire Kepley BioSystems team, I am pleased to inform everyone we have been awarded a National Science Foundation Phase II grant. Press release below:

NC Life Sciences Start-Up Awarded NSF Phase II Grant
Synthetic Alternative to Use of Wild Fish as Bait in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Greensboro, NC: Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kepley BioSystems, a North Carolina start-up, has been awarded a coveted National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase II SBIR grant for developing a synthetic, environmentally neutral alternative to help stem the continued depletion of wild fish; while at the same time, addressing a multi-billion dollar market. The grant has been awarded to the company after successfully competing for Phase I and IB NSF funding for research on a patent-pending, synthetic crustacean bait (#14/659,710 and ‪#‎PCT‬/US2015/2086). This grant will enable optimization of this technology to replace the use of wild fish stocks as the primary bait in commercial lobster and crab traps. Crustacean fishing is a $66 billion global market that consumes over 18 million metric tons of bait fish for these traps at a cost of an estimated $20 billion per year.

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